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Where Are All the IPOs?


IPOs have dried up after last year’s IPO-boom.

In 2021, 65 companies got listed on the stock markets, raising a total of nearly Rs. 1.3 lakh crore. IPO conditions were ideal last year:

  • The markets were booming

  • Investors were confident

  • New investors were getting added into the markets

  • A lot of new-age internet start-ups got listed - names that people knew stories of, and products that people used and even maybe loved

Since the beginning of this year though, the IPO market has dried up. A lot of the IPO stocks are even trading below their listing - especially internet companies. What's with the reversal?

  • The markets have turned uncertain - there’s a war, central bank policies are reversing globally, and bearish sentiments are growing

  • Investors have turned risk averse, and have been moving from risky assets to less risky ones

  • Valuations for internet companies have halved, casting doubts on the minds of ones who had plans of getting listed

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