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We have a cumulative investing experience of more than 50 years

We have worked at premier organizations like Daiwa Asset Management, Motilal Oswal and Mahindra Group

We are a bunch of CFAs, CAs and Finance Specialists

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Sagar Lele

Sagar has spent more than a decade in equity markets, across investment advisory, institutional broking and asset management.


His last stint was in fund management at Daiwa Asset Management, which is Japan's second largest AMC with an AUM of US$ 200 billion.


He has also worked at Motilal Oswal Securities, Antique Stock Broking and Dalal Street Investment Journal.


He is a CFA charterholder, holds a masters degree in finance from University of Reading, and a bachelors in business from NMIMS.


Prasanna Bidkar

Prasanna has spent more than 17 years in the equity markets.


For a decade, he was the Head of Research at the iconic Dalal Street Investment Journal, where he also launched several successful products.


His rich experience also includes heading research and investment advisory services at Pentad Securities, managing equity portfolios for HNIs, and working at Lohia Securities.

He has conducted more than 200 investor awareness programmes across India.

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Mehul Parikh

Mehul has been heading research at SA Ventures, which is one of the largest brokers and money managers in Gujarat, since the last 4 years.


He is a CA, who has also articled at DJNV & Co for 3 years, worked in strategy and corporate finance at Mahindra Group for 2 years, and in institutional research at Motilal Oswal for 2 years.


Dhiren Jain

Dhiren  heads SP Jain Securities, which is a stock broker and money manager for the last three generations.


He studied finance in his undergrad, got a masters in finance and banking from the UK, worked as a currencies derivatives trader in the heart of London, and then came back to join his family business.


Forget the education and experience, he has been born and raised around stocks and money!

What do we do?

We provide baskets of stocks for people to invest in. Simple.


We build portfolios around themes we believe in.


We manage them using knowledge, expertise and tools.


We give you insights into what your money is up to.


We let you sit back and earn money.


We make your money earn you more money.

Why do we do what we do?

Everyday investors are stuck with ordinary options for investing their money. They work hard for their money, but their money is seen lazing around in mediocre places. The result - they have to keep working harder than they ideally should.


We are a bunch of finance professionals who understood the power of money early on. Our education and experience in finance enabled us to grow our money and turn the table. Now, our money works for us, while we follow our passion. 


Our passion? To bring the power of money to everyone. The markets are open for everyone to take advantage of. Why should you be left out?

The everyday investor (or non investor) is bombarded with a single message - Mutual Funds Sahi Hai. Or worse, left with random tips from that one Satish Bhai, or from that social media influencer who is a great orator but has no professional legacy. Or even worse, left to use that mutual fund app or discount broking app that does nothing beyond making transactions easier, without any advice.

It is time to rise above all these mediocre options. We set out from our fancy fund management jobs to bring the power of the markets to everyone. Enter Rupeeting.


At Rupeeting, we're building high-performance products for your money. Our singular goal is to deliver high returns to you, compounded over a long period, by deploying knowledge, strategies and research that you otherwise don't have access to.

Check our investment philosophy out for deets!

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