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Smallcase 🆚 Direct Stock Investing

As a shareholder, you try to invest in a few companies that you understand and believe will do significant business in the future. This involves looking at key industries and screening the best companies among them.

However, when investing in this manner, the sample size of publicly traded companies from which to choose is quite large. Keeping up with industry and company news and deciding which stocks to buy can be a difficult task.

Investors must evaluate equities based on the return they provide and the risk they entail. Let's compare two approaches to achieving this: smallcase and direct stock investing.

What is a Smallcase?

  • With the smallcase platform, you can invest in a curated basket of stocks and ETFs. As a more diversified and affordable method of investing in the equity markets, it differs from conventional investment vehicles.

  • The majority of the top stock brokers have integrated Smallcases with their Demat accounts. After creating an account with a broker who is supported and connecting it to your Smallcase account, you can begin making investments in any Smallcase of your choosing.

  • The platform also provides a cheap way to invest, with some Smallcases charging a flat fee and others charging an annual fee of 2-3% with a minimum investment.

  • For example, Rupeeting has a flat-fee model that is independent of the investment amount. Which means, the more you invest, the less you spend!



  • Actively management - Investments on smallcase are entrusted with reputable investment professionals who design unique investment structures and oversee the performance and returns of the investments. This aids in effective fund management and maximizing returns over the years.

  • Theme-based Investing - If you want to bet on a specific theme but are not sure which company is the best, Smallcase may be the solution for you. For instance, smallcase gives you the option to invest in the space if you want to focus on high-growth stocks as a theme but are unsure of which company to bet on.

  • Diversification - Since Smallcase is fundamentally a bundled investment, diversification is another quality of its. This implies that investments made in, let's say, a Smallcase of monopolies will be dispersed across various industries. The benchmark for what constitutes monopoly and other criteria will be decided by the fund manager.

Direct Stock Investing

Direct stock investing is best suited for investors who prefer to go it alone and do not require professional guidance. Understanding what you're buying, why you're buying it, and how the stock performs in comparison to the market and its competitors are all important.

The waves of the market will eat away at your returns if you don't time your investments correctly along with choosing the right companies.

  • Risk Tolerance - Due diligence, vigilance, and routine portfolio position monitoring are necessary when investing directly. It is appropriate for investors who are confident in their ability to assess risk and who are prepared to invest in more volatile environments.

  • High Risk equals High Returns - Direct investments are typically focused on generating high returns and are therefore better suited to advanced investors. You must be able to deal with the market volatility that comes with running your own portfolio. If seeing massive unrealized short-term losses in your Demat account does not turn your stomach, this type of investment may be for you.

  • Do your own homework - Investing directly requires more time and effort, but it allows you to control your own destiny. This may necessitate a significant amount of time, mental energy, and trust in your work.

Wrapping Up

Direct stock investing can be a demanding process that requires a significant amount of time and knowledge. The appeal of smallcase is that you can invest in a diversified portfolio of theme-based investments without having to conduct your own research or worry about the underlying constituents.

The intensive research work is done for you by Registered Investment Advisors like Rupeeting, which creates Smallcases, that will outperform the market. Check out our selection of Rupeeting Equity portfolios, curated by experts who have over 50 years of combined investment expertise and have overseen the management of over Rs. 50,000 crore.

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