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Rupeeting, Say Whaaat?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

What is Rupeeting? 💰

An investment manager. We help you make the most of your money by giving you portfolios. Portfolios that are suited for you. Portfolios that make money. Portfolios that let you do your job (make money), so your money does its job (make more money).

Why Do I Need Rupeeting? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Well, you want to invest, everyone does. You get inspired by the constant bombardment of Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, you see your mates investing, you see that it is now possible to do on your phone, it all looks easy to start with.

You even go ahead and make a few investments. A couple of mutual funds here and there, some random stock because well, why not? And then one day you think about what your portfolio looks like. Is my portfolio good? Is it too risky? What happens when the stock markets fall? What if I need some money next year, but my portfolio value declines? Am I doing the right thing here?

That's where you need us.

How Will Rupeeting Help? 🦸🏻‍♂️

We keep it simple. We offer a range of portfolios for you to invest in. Here's how we look at your money.

First, you need a strong core portfolio. Core portfolios are your support system. According to us, they should have 5 key characteristics:

  1. They need to be made for you: Investments are personal. They are meant to work for you. They are meant to be suited to who you are as a person, to what you earn, to what you already have, to how much risk you are comfortable with, and to what you need in the future. Our core portfolios come in three forms - Aggressive, Balanced, and Conservative.

  2. They need to be diversified: Heard that too many eggs and one basket thing? That. If you're invested in only one thing, you will be moved around uncomfortably. You don't want a situation where you need money and you don't have it. We allocate money in core portfolios across 5 asset classes. This makes your portfolio weather-proof.

  3. They need to make money: You're investing to make money. With all that diversification, you shouldn't land up at a place where the purpose of investing gets defeated. So we use a lot of math, a lot of experience, tonnes of research, and come up with weights that will maximise your returns, and help you make the most of your money.

  4. They need to cost less: You can go to an expensive investment manager and spend >2% of your invested amount every year to manage your money, and still not beat the index. Or you can invest in a high-performing portfolio of diversified ETFs that are suited to your personality, for as little as 0.5%. Yeah, that's right, 0.5% per annum. Sign you up already? Here -

  5. They need to be managed: Portfolios need TLC (tender loving care). While you're busy making your money, someone needs to look after it, if you aren't able to or don't have the expertise to. Markets move, things change, and your money needs to be moved around as well. We rebalance your portfolios every quarter so they get the attention they deserve.

Then, next, we provide other portfolios. These are portfolios that are opportunistic or thematic in nature. This is where you invest your extra bucks, and make some serious money! How much? Well, we'd recommend anywhere between 10-50% of your money depending on who you are, how much risk you're comfortable taking, how long you're comfortable staying invested, and how much money you're looking to make.

Who Is Managing These Portfolios? 👯

We are a bunch of highly experienced professionals. We've been there, done that. We've been in the middle of all the action, and managed billions of dollars in the past. Here's a few about a few of us:

  1. Sagar Lele: He studied business in his undergrad, finance and banking in his postgrad, got a certification in international fixed income and derivatives, got a CFA charter, worked in the research team at Dalal Street Investment Journal, worked as an institutional broker at Antique Stock Broking and Motilal Oswal, and then managed funds at Daiwa Asset Management, which is the second largest fund in Japan with an AUM of US$ 200 billion.

  2. Prasanna Bidkar: He has been working in finance and investments for the last 18 years. After starting his career in research at Lohia Securities, he moved on to Dalal Street Investment Journal where he was the head of research for almost a decade. He was responsbile for all functions associated with research, content and advisory. He then moved on to head research at Dalal Times and Pentad Securities.

  3. Mehul Parikh: He is a CA who articled at DJNV & Co. for three years. He then had a stint in corporate finance at Mahindra and Mahindra where he worked in the core finance and strategy teams for two years. He then moved to institutional research at Motilal Oswal, where he advised institutional investors on where to invest. He has been heading research at S&A which is one of the largest brokers and money managers in Gujarat.

  4. Dhiren Jain: He studied finance in his undergrad, got a masters in finance and banking from the UK, worked as a currencies trader in the heart of London, and then came back to join his family business. He heads SP Jain Securities, which is a stock broker and money manager since the last three generations. Forget the education and experience, he has been born and raised around stocks and money!

How Much Money Will Rupeeting Portfolios Make? 🌦️

That depends really. On our core portfolios, backtesting suggests the Rupeeting Core Portfolio - Aggressive would make a 20% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) over the last ten years. The Balanced stands at 17% and the Conservative stands at 11%. The thematic portfolios have varied returns. You can check out all the backtesting and comparative performance on

How Does Rupeeting Make Money? 🤓

We charge you an advisory fee when you invest in our portfolios. For our core portfolios, this is as little as :

  • Rs. 150 for 1 month

  • Rs. 300 for 3 months

  • Rs. 400 for 6 months

Yes, this is our only source of income.

What Is Special About Rupeeting? 🤐

It's time you rise above those! Why? Here are the benefits you get:

  1. No making decisions. We do it for you.

  2. No effort in keeping track of the markets. We do it for you.

  3. No DIY and choose-from-a-hundred-recommendations. We do it for you.

  4. No being left in the dark and by yourself. We are there for you.

  5. No mistakes. A bunch of professionals will manage your money.

When you're getting so much more, for so little to pay for, why even bother with the others? No no, answer it for yourself.

Are You Guys Legit? 🏦

Hell yeah! We're a private limited company (CIN - U74999MH2019PTC320573), are registered with AMFI (ARN - 168001), and are registered with SEBI (INA000015747). All deets out in the public domain!

You can find us on our registered address:

1 Janki Centre, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053, or catch Sagar at our other office: 1st floor, Sahana Enclave, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050.

You can also visit our website for all the details you need:

For all your other questions:

Or just hit us up on

How Do I Start? ♥️

At the moment, you can invest in our portfolios on smallcase.

Simply visit, enter a few details, connect your broking account, take a quick risk assessment so we understand you better, and start investing!

We will soon launch our own app so you have access to our portfolios, research, tools and much more all in one place!

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