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Rupeeting is Live on Kotak Cherry 🍒

Rupeeting has partnered with Kotak Investment Advisors! We are now live on the Kotak Cherry platform. We are among the select few investment managers to have been onboarded by them; others on the list include Abakkus, Marcellus and Teji Mandi.

Rupeeting has created two Wealth Baskets that are exclusively available on Kotak Cherry.

Nifty Top 10

The portfolio aims to beat the Nifty 50 by picking out and investing in the top performers from the index.

After rigorous backtesting of data, application of years of experience and bringing some of the brightest investing minds together, we’ve formulated a strategy that has beaten the Nifty 50 consistently over the last 10 years.

The winning formula?

  1. 40-60% exposure to the heavyweight sectors with a bias towards sub-sectors with tailwinds, and industry leaders

  2. 10-30% exposure to new Nifty 50 entrants that show the promise of structurally becoming very large over time

  3. 10-30% allocation to cyclical, tactically moving exposure across cement, chemicals, energy and metals

  4. 0% tolerance towards companies that have remained dud, which is bound to at some point get out of the index, or have shown risks on governance

Budget Bets

The portfolio aims to beat the markets by picking out the top beneficiaries of the Budget.

Growth and structural reform have been the pillars of this government’s policy actions. The basket helps investors benefit from the progress that India makes with natural tailwinds from budgetary spending and regulatory support.

The basket is well-diversified and acts as a strong bet on outperformance over the medium-long term by investing across

  1. A select universe of the relatively safer Nifty 100 and Nifty Midcap 150

  2. 80% exposure to large caps and 20% exposure to mid-caps

  3. Exposure across the sectors of infrastructure, banking, automobiles, home improvement, insurance, telecom, agricultural inputs, chemicals, consumer electronics and hotels

  4. The basket plays on several themes from the Budget including the thrust on infrastructure, housing, defence, green energy and mobility, domestic tourism, agricultural credit and electronics manufacturing

Tap on the button to access our portfolios with Kotak Cherry!

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