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Rupeeting Is Now on Trinkerr

Rupeeting has tied up with Trinkerr. We’re now live and verified on the Trinkerr app.

What is Trinkerr?

Trinkerr is a social investing platform. On Trinkerr, you can track content and investments by the best investors around, and learn from them. If you like what they’re doing, you can also invest in these portfolios with a single click.

Rupeeting on Trinkerr

Rupeeting aims to make people the wealthiest and smartest investors they have ever been. In our pursuit towards this aim, we have extended our learning initiatives on to Trinkerr. On Trinkerr,

  • We have made the constituents of our Monopolies portfolio transparent, so you can learn how we build and manage a strong portfolio, and

  • We regularly post our educational and research content, so you can keep updated with what’s happening in the markets at all times

Rupeeting is also verified on Trinkerr. Our knowledge, experience and expertise of the financial markets has earned us the verified badge so you can place your trust in learning from us.

Follow Rupeeting on Trinkerr

  1. You simply have to log in to Trinkerr or download the app

  2. You can use this link to do that:

  3. You may find Rupeeting right on the Home Screen (you see we are a little popular up there)

  4. Otherwise, use the Explore button to look us up

  5. Follow us there, and get access to our top-performing portfolio and popular content!

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