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Is Smallcase Safe?

Smallcases are portfolios of stocks or ETFs weighted intelligently to track a theme, strategy or objective.

Is the Technology Safe?

Smallcases just provide you with the data and ease of accessing and making a desired portfolio. When it comes to the shares bought, they are placed in the clients Demat account itself. Hence, your investment is absolutely safe because its just like buying normal shares, you just essentially buy the shares suggested by smallcase portfolio.

Who Makes These Smallcases?

Smallcases are created and managed by SEBI registered professionals. In short, the people managing the portfolios are experienced veterans and have in depth knowledge of the workings of the financial markets.

This is especially true at Rupeeting, where our portfolio managers have 50+ years of experience between them.

Are Smallcases Complicated ?

The convenience of buying and selling assets is of the utmost priority for the majority of new investors. With the click of a button, investors can buy and sell positions on the Smallcase platform. When it comes to ease of investing, other investment structures like index funds and mutual funds fall considerably short when compared to Smallcase!

Is The Process Transparent?

Smallcase investors may instantaneously and continuously monitor the performance of their investments, enabling them to base their decisions on current financial information. Investors would also be able to monitor price changes and modify their investments as necessary.

Check out our selection of Rupeeting Equity portfolios on smallcase, which aim to outperform the market while charging the smallest fees. Our experts have over 50 years of combined investment expertise and have overseen the management of over Rs. 50,000 crore.

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