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Introducing Rupee-Tring 📞

With Rupee-Tring 📞, you get the best advice on your investments. Simple.

Understand your investing needs, get answers to your questions, get an investment plan, invest with Rupeeting (or not - your choice), all at the same place.

Book your free call now:

How we can help you

With Rupee-Tring 📞, you get access to the best investment advisors around. Get help with:

  1. Your existing investments

  2. Your future investments

  3. Markets, Stocks, Portfolios

How it works

  1. Visit our booking page:

  2. Book a slot at your convenience

  3. You will receive a call from one of our expert advisors at the scheduled time

  4. We will ask you about your life, investments and goals

  5. We will send you an investment plan within a couple of days

  6. We will handhold you into making your investments

  7. You will have access to us whenever you need us in the future

Why you should try it out

✅ No selling

You won't be talking to guys selling you things. You will be speaking with expert advisors.

✅ Unbiased advice

We like to see money being treated well. Our fiduciary duties come first. Fiduciary what? Fiduciary simply means we are bound to do what's right for our users.

✅ 30 minute slots

We want to understand you better to give you advice that's best suited for you. You have our undivided attention for 30 minutes.

✅ Free

We don't charge for consultations. It is free.

How Rupeeting will make money

Rupeeting only makes money if you invest in Rupeeting portfolios - But, we may not urge you to, or you may even choose to not.

We will only tell you what’s right for you. That may involve rejigging your existing portfolio, investing in mutual funds, or even investing in Rupeeting’s portfolios.

We only help you do you.

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