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How Ugly Are the Markets Right Now? 🎭


  • The Nifty 50 is down 8% so far in 2022, and that’s gotten everyone scared. However, that hardly reflects the state of the market. Usually angst is much more elevated as the Nifty 50 is just a compilation of the largest 50 companies – the best of the lot.

  • The smaller companies usually tend to suffer a lot more. And not a lot of people stick to just investing in the index, or in the constituents of the index. It’s natural that they are exposed to multiple other companies in the market.

  • Here’s how much more they have suffered. In the Nifty 500, 80% of the stocks are down since the beginning of the year. Only 20% of them are up. 50% of the stocks in Nifty 500 are down between 10-30%. So most portfolios and mutual funds would be down more than the broader index.

  • The state of portfolios is much worse than the markets – and that’s seen in this underbelly rather than just looking at the movement in the broader index.

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