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How Much Are You Paying for Popcorn? 🍿


Kashmir Files and RRR have been making headlines. But last week the PVR-Inox merger too created quite a buzz. So here’s something on theatres that you probably didn’t know!

Food in theatres is expensive. But you already know that. But, did you know?

  1. It is the second largest source of revenue for movie theatres. In fact, box office sales only contribute to half of PVR’s revenue. A quarter comes from the sale of food and beverages. And all those advertisements in the beginning and during the intermission? Almost 10%.

  2. From October to December 2022, PVR sold 65 lakh tickets. And the revenue from food and beverages in the same period was Rs. 80 crore. It means, on average, sale of food and beverages per person was Rs. 128.

  3. Sale of food and beverages per person at Rs. 128 is up 22% compared to 2 years ago. This can be because of two things - (1) more people consuming food and beverages, and (2) price increases.

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