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How Can I Create My Own Smallcase?

Diversification is always cited by veteran investors as the key to their investment success. This entails selecting a diverse range of stocks for investment. However, with online brokers, purchasing each stock individually can be a daunting task.

Smallcase makes it super simple, so you can do it in just a few clicks. Smallcase offers ready-made portfolios, but we can also create and manage our own. Let us take a look at how it's done.

Pick Your Stocks

  • Go to the Create tab on the smallcase app/website

  • Then click 'Add stocks,' and enter your stocks

  • Note that you can only add NSE stocks to create/customize your smallcase

  • After you've added all of your stocks, you can sort them into 'segments' if you want

Assign Weights

  • Change the weights of these stocks to your liking which can be 'equi-weighted', ' market cap weighted' or 'custom weighted'

  • With the ‘custom weighted’ setting you can change the weights of the stocks according to your needs.

  • At the bottom left of the app screen, you can see the minimum amount required to invest in the stocks you've selected in the weighting scheme you've created.

  • Adjust the weights of the stocks to suit the amount you’d like to invest.

Evaluate Past Performance

  • After this you can see at the bottom of the screen how the smallcase would have performed in the previous year in comparison to the Nifty or Equity. But always remember past performance is no indicator of future returns!

  • After you've finalised all of the stocks and their weights, click save.

  • Now, include details such as an image, a name, and an objective.

Buy Your Portfolio

  • You now have a stock basket that you curated and made.

  • You can invest in it, share it with your friends and family, or just keep an eye on it to see how your plan is working.

  • Only you and the people you have shared it with will be able to see your smallcase because it will be private.

This could be a fascinating activity, to explore with and try out various fictitious portfolios. You get knowledge about your stock portfolio and investments.

In truth, the average investor may not have the time or resources to create smallcases, do the research and monitor closely. Here is where we come in!

Check out our selection of Rupeeting Equity portfolios on smallcase, which aim to outperform the market while charging the smallest fees. Our experts have over 50 years of combined investment expertise and have overseen the management of over Rs. 50,000 crore.

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