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Do’s and Don'ts of Investing in Smallcase

Smallcase is a platform that allows you to buy and sell stocks in predetermined combinations and quantities that may follow a theme or an idea that the fund manager wishes to express.

They have taken over the equity space, with many new age investors opting for the ease and affordability being offered by this platform - for investors and fund managers. Yet, are there certain things to keep in mind before diving in?


  • SIPs are great for long-term goals. You can start a SIP while investing in a smallcase, or anytime later after investing

  • Track or monitor stocks that you wish to invest in

  • Rebalancing is done by the fund manager to update the portfolio in accordance with current market conditions, hence accept the rebalances to be up to date.

  • Check the past performance of the smallcases you intend to invest in


  • Make sure that you always complete your SIP and apply the rebalance updates so that your financial goals remain on track

  • Smallcases are built for long-term investing, hence it is ideal for giving your portfolios time to perform and grow your wealth

  • Even though smallcases are long-term investments, they should be evaluated periodically to make sure they are on track

  • Since smallcases have stocks bundled that show up on your Demat account, don't sell them directly!

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