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Disruption Alert❗

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Attention, all our fellow Disruptors. We have found two new companies to add to our Disruptors portfolio that, we believe, will make us stronger than ever! Let’s dive into who they are and why we think they should be a part of Disruptors.

Wait a Minute; Who Are You?

1. CL Educate Limited

  • They are in the business of providing education and test preparation training programmes, including school tuition and coaching to students aspiring for various entrance examinations.

  • Since the Ed-Tech space in India is booming, we intend to take advantage of this with a player that possesses the following:

    • Over 25 years of experience in the field.

    • 200 test centres across a 100 Indian cities and a global presence in the Middle East.

    • Pioneer in blended learning (Offline classroom + Online training).

    • One of the largest MBA coaching institutes in the country.

  • Although at a preliminary stage, the Ed-Tech industry has headroom for immense growth via innovation and competition.

2. Yes Bank

  • Yes, the company has had setbacks from a governance perspective, and yes, we believe there are better days to come for the company.

  • After having turned a new leaf, with a fresh balance sheet and having undergone a restructuring process, this is a prime candidate for a re-rating towards a positive end.

  • Further more, in a recent development, Yes Bank has preferentially allotted shares worth US$1.1 billion to Carlyle and Advent International, awarding them a 10% stake each.

  • Yes Bank has come out alive out of a scathing blow 2 years ago, and a re-rating seems imminent.

Join Us 👇

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