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Top Fund Managers on Smallcase 🏆

Out of more than 50 Registered Investment Advisors, here are some of the top-performing ones!

To get a sneak peek at their smallcases, just click on their logos and go!

Windmill Capital

They are a wholly owned subsidiary of smallcase. Windmill Capital offers 50+ smallcases having varying levels of volatility and investment amounts.

Products offered are factor portfolios, asset allocation portfolios, thematic & systematic portfolios and sector trackers. They offer a lot of free smallcases that simply operate as niche indices.

For example, WIndmill offers “House of Mahindra” which is a smallcase with all Mahindra stocks bundled into one. This can be great for investors looking to bet on specific conglomerates like Tata, Adani, Murugappa, etc.

Some other attractive free portfolios include Top 100 stocks, All-weather investing, and Tracker portfolios (For each sector, ex. Pharma Tracker, Metal Tracker).

Wright Research

Wright operates 8 smallcases following a smart beta-base investment strategy focusing more on quantitative analysis. Wright Research focuses on 2 key themes - equity factor research & market regime modelling.

Currently, Wright Research offers a portfolio on 2 themes on smallcase:

  1. Core Portfolios that try to outperform a specific sector or asset class. These are offered in 3 risk profiles - balanced, conservative & growth

  2. Thematic Portfolios - here we create portfolios that follow particular themes like momentum or small caps

Weekend Investing

They specialise in momentum investing and operate 12 smallcases. Weekend Investing follows the paradigm of "Price is God”. This means following strict rule-based investing where discretion has no play.

The idea that price discounts all information ahead of fundamentals and coupled with a diversified portfolio if one stays with the strength in the market, it results in your portfolio compound gradually with the strong trends in the market while protecting deep downsides when the markets go there

Most of their portfolios are Mi (momentum investing) for different sections of the market. For example, Mi25 Smallcap, Mi_MT_Allcap, Mi_LT_CNX200.

Green Portfolio

Green Portfolio, which was founded by Divam Sharma and Anuj Jain, manages 5 smallcase portfolios. They use bottom-up stock selection to find competitive companies that will generate wealth over the long term.

Their recommended investment horizon is longer than one year. Their investment philosophy is based on the belief that quality and growth companies should be purchased at a reasonable price and in a staggered manner to avoid the impact of major price fluctuations.

They offer products that include large cap investments (Best of NIFTY smallcase), multi-bagger ideas (High-Quality Right Price smallcase), MNC Stocks smallcase, and High Dividend Yield smallcase.


Founded by Mr. Sagar Lele, Rupeeting offers 9 portfolios on smallcase. These can be divided into 2 buckets. All-Weather portfolios (Conservative, Balanced, Aggressive) which are diversified and consist of low-cost ETFs designed to weather the market and grow your wealth.

Rupeeting also offers 6 equity portfolios which are based on certain themes that are likely to yield superior outperformance in the future.

  • Socially Responsible Investing: Investing in companies with low climate impact, high social impact and strong governance standards

  • Value Migration: Investing in the shift of value from old business models to new

  • Bread and Butter: Investing in the most trusted and household brands amongst consumers

  • Disruptors: Invest in companies that are future winners across sectors

  • Rocketship: Investing in companies that exhibit supernormal growth

  • Monopolies: Investing in companies that dominate their respective industries and sectors

About the investment team:

  • Managed more than Rs. 50,000 crore

  • Cumulative investing experience of 50 years

  • Previously worked at premier organizations like Daiwa Asset Management, Motilal Oswal and Mahindra Group

  • Consists of a bunch of CFAs, CAs and Finance Specialists

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