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Top 10 Best-Performing Smallcases in March 2024 🥇

What Is a Smallcase?

To put it simply, a smallcase is a basket of stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), clubbed together in various combinations by various fund managers, for us to invest in.

All you need to do is log in using a de-mat account (check out our blog here to see whether your account qualifies), and you will be presented with options, ranging amongst various interesting themes, industries, and risk profiles - there is a smallcase for everyone out there!

Speaking of which, here are the ones that killed it last month!

Top 10 Best-Performing Smallcases in March 2024

top 10 smallcases in March 2024

Why Smallcase?

  • Track where your money is invested within each smallcase, hence promoting transparency

  • No hidden costs or charges

  • No lock-in period

  • Backed by research that will be available for investors to peruse

  • Can buy or sell stocks in bulk by customizing your own smallcases

  • Timely rebalances in smallcases help in taking advantage of market situations

We have a few smallcases of our own, with different themes and stories for you to browse through. Just hit the button below!

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