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Rupeeting | Investment Philosophy

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Our investment philosophy plays a major role in how we help our investors make money.

The philosophy has one singular objective: to make the most of your money, and give your money the treatment it deserves. This enables you to invest in portfolios that are suited for you, and to achieve the goals you set out for your life. You work hard for your money. We make sure your money works hard enough for you, while you do your thing.

Fiduciary is embedded in core value system and reflected in all our actions, including our investment philosophy. What is fiduciary you may ask? To put our customers before anything else. Simple.

The principles of our investment philosophy are based on 5 key tenets:

1. Personalisation

Everyone is different; not just in how they are as people, but also in how they earn and what they use their money for. Understanding that one-size-fits-all doesn't apply when it comes to investing is what our products stem from. Investment advice has to take into consideration what an investor is, and not start the other way round. Our plans begin with understanding you, and then tailoring plans to suit your needs.

2. Diversification

Diversification is a tricky game to play. At its center involves the idea of giving up on extreme outcomes - positive or negative. Psychologically, it puts investors in happy or sad situations depending on the underlying market cycle. However, being disciplined rather than being opportunistic, especially if you're not an expert investor would constitute a larger part of your wealth creation relative to amateur jabs at expertise. In essence, diversification offers moderate but consistent outcomes relative to high-risk outcomes enveloped by uncertainty and inconsistency.

3. Cost

The financial services industry globally has been marred by infamy around pricing and hidden costs. While regulatory intervention has brought transparency and structure to the way investment products are priced, we are strong believers of simplicity and rigid chasers of driving costs lower. We look at costs holistic basis. The total damage to your pocket, including that you pay for and that is taken from you, should be driven to its bare minimum.

There are several measures we take to minimise costs for our customers. These include and are not limited to the following: We offer trading through discount brokers who don't charge for delivery-based trades, price our advisory at levels that put the total cost to the investor at the top of the priority list (rather than how much money we will make), we filter out underlying instruments based on liquidity to minimise impact cost, and rebalance only when a combination of factors are met (thresholds, necessity, investor needs, value added for the cost paid, etc.).

4. Value

Costs alone just solve for one side of the equation. While we try to minimise costs for investors, we are equally focused on maximising value. Value in our eyes is multi-dimensional, and a mix of rational and emotional factors, also both quantifiable and qualitative in nature.

From a rational standpoint, our asset class selection, portfolio optimization and instrument selection methodologies always tend towards value maximisation. Being on the left of the efficient frontier, delivering higher risk-adjusted returns and rigorous testing and incorporation of efficiency are integral to our portfolio construction and maintenance efforts.

From an emotional perspective, we believe investing should be stress-free, professionally managed, easily accessible, simply executable and managed effortlessly; resulting consequently in higher certainty of the plan's success, lack of stress surrounding outcomes, and higher value of time which would otherwise be spent in building and managing money.

5. Management

The buck for us doesn't stop at building portfolios and offering investment options. In fact, that's the start of the journey. Money is done right, not only when it's put in the right place, but also when it is taken care of regularly to make sure it remains best utilised. Constant assessment and correction are disciplinary and in grave need of incorporation as a continuous process. Investing is continuous and not discrete an activity.

Through our process, we try to reduce the effort it takes for you to manage your portfolios. You can safely outsource this activity to us, and we intelligently automate rebalancing of your portfolios. We take a multi-dimensional approach to maintaining portfolios, which is as rigorous an activity as portfolio construction is in the first place.

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