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How to Use Your Demat Account to Invest in Smallcase?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

What is a Demat account?

  • A Demat account allows investors to hold shares and securities electronically. Additionally, it is beneficial to keep accurate records of all of one's mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, bond, and stock holdings in one location.

  • A smallcase is a collection of stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that have been thoughtfully chosen by investment professionals to correspond with a particular market theme, investment approach, or fashion.

  • Similar to the prerequisites for traditional stock investing, investors need a Demat account, a trading account, and a bank account to invest in smallcases. Trades are carried out using trading accounts with a broking company. The investor's Demat account is where the stocks bought for the smallcase are kept.

Supported brokers

Investors can invest in smallcases through the Smallcase app or website by linking their existing Demat and trading accounts. If you do not already have a Demat and trading account, you can open one with one of these brokers.

  1. Zerodha

  2. Angel One

  3. Dhan

  4. Groww

  5. HDFC Securities

  6. Kotak Securities

  7. ICICI Direct

  8. Upstox

  9. 5Paisa

  10. Alice Blue

  11. Axis Direct

  12. Edelweiss

  13. FundzBazar

  14. IIFl Securities

  15. Motilal Oswal

  16. Trustline

Do we need a new account?

  • If you already have a Demat and trading account with one of the brokers listed above, you do not need to open a new account. This means you can access smallcase using your preferred broker's online credentials.

  • Let's look at the smallcase signup process after you've obtained a Demat and trading account.

Sign up Procedure

Smallcase investment is simple when using an existing Demat account. Linking investors' existing Demat and trading accounts with supported brokers takes only a few steps. In a short amount of time, one can begin investing in smallcases.

The steps for smallcase investments using the same Demat account via the Smallcase portal are as follows.

  • Go to smallcase or the smallcase Mobile app.

  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click the login button.

  • Enter the same login information that was given to you by your broker.

  • Once logged in, you can select from a variety of options, and check out Rupeeting’s awesome portfolios that are designed to outperform the market (shameless self promotion).

  • After you have finalized your smallcase selection, you will be directed to the payment gateway. The minimum amount you must pay for the smallcase is determined by the price and weight of individual stocks.

  • Your stockbroker will place buy orders for all stocks after the payment has been received; these orders will be executed instantly based on liquidity.

  • Investors will be able to "repair" their orders if illiquidity prevents the fulfilment of some of their orders. At this point a new order will be placed. To ensure that the portfolio matches the original theme, it must be repaired.

Head over to our collection of Rupeeting's smallcases and choose from a wide range of strategies that make you money!

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