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An investment manager that
works for you

Meet the investment firm that gives you products, inspiration and advice to make the most of your money

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Investing is the key to building wealth

We help turn your investments,

no matter how small,

into your dreams, no matter how big

A range of portfolios to choose from

Strong core portfolios? Opportunistic investments?

A theme you believe in? We got stuff for you to check out

All portfolios

Check out the full range of Rupeeting Portfolios. 

We take your money seriously

We follow time-tested investment strategies, and apply expertise to invest your money at the right places

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You make your Rupee.
We will make your
Rupee Ting!






Always know
what your money is up to

We don't just master at investing your money - we even explain everything we do. Our clients get courtside seats so they see their hard-earned money grow first-hand.

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A bunch of us reporting to you

Rupeeting is a diverse and high-functioning team of expert investors, engineers, designers, and product folks, who have all worked at some of the leading institutions around

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